Northwestern Volleyball At Purdue

Northwestern Volleyball Gives Purdue An Early Scare

Saturday night after the football game I walked up the ramp from the basement of Mackey Arena into Holloway Gymnasium. I love how everything seems to be connected in that area of campus making multiple shoots in one day a little easier. I swapped out the 600mm for the 400mm lens and took the rest of my football kit into volleyball. Earlier in the week Northwestern asked me to shoot the match, and it sounded like fun. I did not shoot much volleyball last year so this was my way to shoot a little more. I really didn’t know what to expect from the Wildcats, but they came out and stole set one making the rest of the night very interesting.

Knowing What You Are In For

With the Purdue volleyball team I have seen them enough this season to kind of know where the pictures are. I know who emotes the best, and who to go to when I am looking for that celebration shot. This was the first time that I ever saw Northwestern play. I watched them warm up, and I saw a few personalities that seemed to make for good photos. Once the match starts you look for those people during the key moments. From the opening huddle I knew that I would have a good shoot as Northwestern was already bringing it. This was one of my favorite photos of the night, and it was one of the first that I made.

The Week In Photos

By this point this is the third time that I have wrote up a pitch to take a look at my weekly collection of my favorite photos from last week. I really did have a great time, and I think that it shows in the photos. Why not take a look by clicking here?

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