Purdue Football Takes On Eastern Michigan

Game Two Of The 2018 Season Has Come And Gone

I only get to photograph a small amount of football games every year. I spend a lot of August just waiting for football season only to have it just fly by. Ever since I found out that I would be working with the Purdue Creative team on game days I could not wait for the season to start. Now we have shot the first two games with only five games left. The good news is that the next two weekends are game days here in West Lafayette.

Photographing In The Rain

I heard a lot of people complaining about not getting any shots in the rain. I actually love making photos in the rain. It is not the most fun while you are doing it, and I really changed up how I photograph a game based on the fact that it was really coming down for most of the game. When I finally got home and had a hot shower though I was able to go through my photos and see just how much the rain can change a gallery. I found that it really added to some of my photos. I love it when some outside element comes in to change things up. Sun, rain, or snow can really help you make something out of the ordinary. I am that guy who roots for rain at times. I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but I want to shoot in the snow this year as well. The making of the photos was not ideal, but they made for some that I really like.

A Shout Out To Think Tank

I just wanted to say that with all that I said above it would not have been so smooth without my Think Tan rain covers. They don’t pay me to say nice things about them. In fact I paid quite a bit of money for the rain covers. They work well, and they give me a much better chance to make photos in bad conditions. During the course of the day I saw everything on cameras. I saw shower caps, garbage bags, towels, and even a bread bag. All of those get the job done. I love my Think Tank rain cover though because it lets me have access on a day when I don’t want anything other than my hands to touch my camera.

Upon Further Review

In case you haven’t noticed I have not talked about the game yet. I don’t plan to except for one play. That play was the D.J. Knox long touchdown run and slide. All day long I was having fun making pictures of Knox. I don’t remember a play where the first defender brought him down. He kept his legs churning and kept gaining yards for the Boilers. A couple of plays after I remarked that he is due to break one he does. He takes the ball to the house and slides. A college kid finally breaks the big one and slides across a wet end line. What do the refs do? Throw the penalty flag of course. Check me if I am wrong, but these are kids playing a game in the rain. Of all of the scandals that the NCAA is sweeping under the rug they choose stuff like this to crack down on. It is unbelievable to me. Let them play and have fun.

The Week In Photos

Last week I shot six sporting events over the course of two days. I would probably never work in this business again if I told you that none of my teams won during that stretch. You can still make good images during a loss. There are always great moments for the athletes, and that is what I like to focus on. Even without making any victory pics it was still a fun week, and a gallery that I am pretty proud of. You can view my favorite photos from last week by clicking here.

Working With The Purdue Creative Team

These two games have been fun working with the Purdue Creative team. This is a talented bunch, and I just hope to keep up sometimes. Last year I was the lone wolf on the sidelines. This year I have a much better time at the games knowing that if the play goes the other way that someone really good is there to capture the moment. Last week it was fun to look through the photo recap of the game. It is always fun to do, but this year it is with great pride that I look through the gallery. My pictures accompany those of the other Purdue photographers. Twenty years ago I was sitting in the stands watching Drew Brees sling it around the field. Now I am down there making images. I am really lucky to get to do what I love. Here is the gallery from this week with our best shots included. Part of the fun of seeing the game from this many angles is comparing shots. When I think that I have a good angle on a play I see another angle with the quarterback in the background with his hands in the air. I love seeing good photos, and there are a lot of good photos to see here.

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