Volleyball: 2018 Stacey Clark Classic Session Three

Xavier Closes Out The Stacey Clark Classic Against Lipscomb

This past weekend I photographed six events in two days. One of those was a football game in the rain, and the other five were volleyball matches in the Stacey Clark Classic at Purdue. The last of those was the Xavier match against Lipscomb to open day two of the Stacey Clark Classic. Xavier really plays with passion, and that is fun to photograph. I love the big celebrations after points, and Xavier gives you those. This was a fun way to close out my sports photography for the weekend.

The Joy Of Working With Xavier

Before the game I was given a gift basket with some Xavier swag in it. They have always been amazing to me going out of their way to make me feel like a part of the Xavier family. This coming fall I have a couple of dates on the calendar to cover them. It is always nice working with great people, and I really am blessed that I have found situations with great people all over. I am not going to lie. Xavier has a cool quarterly magazine with a leading off type double truck with photos at the beginning. It is fun shooting with that in mind. I have had a couple of my photos make it in there, and it is always fun to try and get more in there.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week to make photos. As I said above I shot six sporting events on Friday and Saturday. Those two days make up a large part of my weekly gallery of my favorite photos. You can see some of those photos here.

Win One For Stacey

I did not stay for the final game. My match ended with about an hour to go until the first serve of the final game. After a long day out in the rain a nice warm shower sounded great to me. I knew that Purdue had a fight coming their way as Louisville was a very good team. The match went five sets, and once it got to the fifth set you knew that the Boilers had an ace in the hole. They had someone upstairs helping them out. It is always nice to see the Purdue team picture with the Stacey Clark Classic trophy. You can see all of the images from the final match here on the Purdue Exposure site.

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