Stormy Days In Ocean City

Storms Hit Ocean City, Maryland

Over the last few days we have been following the weather at one of our favorite vacations spots. Ocean City has been hit with some weather that has made for some interesting conditions. We have seen people walking the boardwalk in front of where we stay through drifts of sand. With a hurricane making landfall nearby I would guess that things will get worse before they get better. You can see the new wood on the pier here from when it was last rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy came through. Hopefully this storms is much easier on this city surrounded by water.

Back When The Old Stuff Was New

When I made this picture I didn’t think things could get any better. I had my fairly new 24-70mm lens that I loved using. I also had my trusty Canon 60D mounted to it. I could make any photos with this setup. It was then that I started getting more and more into sports photography. It seems that there you always need something else to up your game. Since this 60D was purchased I have bought four more dSLR bodies along with a few smaller cameras. That 60D is still in my collection though. Now it is relegated to remote duty most of the time, but one of these days I need to get it out and make a few serious pictures with it.

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