Volleyball: 2018 Stacey Clark Classic Session Two

Session Two Of The Stacey Clark Classic Starts With Xavier And Louisville

After a brief break in between sessions on Friday I was back at it photographing Xavier as they took on Louisville. I have covered Xavier volleyball for a few seasons now. They have always been a fun team to photograph. Hopefully they have a good season from here on out. In this session they played a tough Louisville team. As I write this Louisville will play host Purdue in the championship game Saturday night, and I think that it will be a great match to watch. Both teams are good, and Louisville can really hit the ball.

Lipscomb Plays Host Purdue To Close Out Day One

Lipscomb drew tournament host Purdue to close out day one of the tournament. This was my last game photographing for Lipscomb this weekend. It might be the most fun that I had as the crowd in Holloway was amazing. When that place is packed and rowdy it is tough to beat as an environment to photograph in. I think that the pictures look better with fans in the stands. In the early games it is always tough because they fans are sporadically placed in the background. I will usually go high to avoid that. Here though I was able to have some fun placing fans in the background of my images. Purdue went on to get the win, but I made some photos that I liked.

Covering Four Matches In One Day

When Lipscomb and Purdue ended their match it also ended my day. I had shot all four matches of the tournament. Shooting for two teams will do that to you. As the fourth match was ready to begin I started to wonder how my images would look. At some point you feel that you have made every volleyball photo that you can. How can you make the gallery a little different? The large crowd gave me one way to make photos that looked a little different so that helped a little. For some reason I felt that the last game was my best game. That goes back to what I always say about shooting. I photograph like I used to play sports. I often was best once I got going a little. Getting a little sweat flowing always seemed to be the key. It seems that way in photography as well.

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