More Backyard Birds

Having More Fun With The Birds In My Backyard

This week while out in my backyard I made some more photos of my hummingbird friends. I would take a break and have a seat on the deck in the shade and watch for the birds. Most of the birds stay clear during my short break, but the hummingbird  is very brave for its size. He it poses after chasing away a rival for the food. They really do stake a claim, and they do everything that they can to protect it.

Shooting Through The Window

Now that I have had to get rid of the large hedge in the backyard I have a great view of the flowers from inside of the house. I try and photograph birds from the window, but this time of year if I have it open even a crack I will have all kinds of flying bugs in the house. I decided to make this photo through the window. With just a little angle to the bird I am left with a picture that is almost sharp, but not quite. It is still a fun picture so I went ahead and made it.

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