Northwestern And West Virginia Battle It Out On A Hot Day

Northwestern And West Virginia Battle It Out In A Scoreless Tie

Sunday afternoon I was at a very hot Folk Field covering the first game of the day in the Boilermaker Challenge Cup. If Northwestern could beat West Virginia then they would be tournament champions. They played a great game against West Virginia, but neither team could score a goal. This was a very hard fought game that made for some very interesting pictures.

When It Is Hot Out

Sunday was a hot day. Have I mentioned that already? I started to feel sorry for myself at one point as I was chugging waters to stay hydrated. Of course I then realized that I was just standing on the sideline in the heat. The players on the pitch were doing amazing things considering just how hot it was. They had to really be spent after regulation and two overtime periods. I am really lucky to be doing what I am doing. Even on a hot day it is still pretty fun.

Standing On Her Head

The Northwestern goalie was the reason that this game ended in a tie. She made some amazing saves to keep the Mountaineers off of the board. At one point of the match I put on a 1.4x teleconverter to be able to reach that end of the field. I even moved that way a bit in order to capture the amazing saves better. Prior to the game I made some photos of her warming up, but to have some stuff for the team to use from the great performance was important to me. This was my favorite shot from the day.

Staying To See The Boilers

After my game was over I stayed and photographed the first half of the Purdue game. This Boilermaker team is an exciting one to watch play. They have a style that I hope will propel them deep into the thick of the Big Ten race this year. They were down 1-0 when I left at the break, but they scored two goals with less than six minutes remaining in the game to secure the win and the tournament championship. The final goal was scored as time was running out to secure the win. As I said before this team is fun to watch, and they could use your support. Why not head out to Folk Field to support them?

The Week In Photos

This last week was a fun one. I think that I say that every week though. It really was fun to photograph. I was pretty busy weekend which is exactly what I like. I love what I do, and to be busy doing it is a lot of fun. Here are some of my favorite photos from last week. It is exciting to think that the next time that I grab my credential will be for some college football on Thursday night.

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