Northwestern Soccer Defeats Iowa State

Northwestern Opens Up The Boiler Challenge Cup With A Win

Friday afternoon I was back at Folk Field covering soccer. This was the fourth game there this fall, and I had been a part of all of them so far. This was the opening game of the Boiler Challenge Cup. Four teams were there to try and take the hardware home. Northwestern did their part to hoist the hardware by defeating Iowa State to start things off. After day one was complete they were the only team to come away with a win on Friday. In the nightcap Purdue and West Virginia tied. If they can defeat West Virginia later today they will be the champions of the tournament.

Trying Something New

During the match I was playing around with my Canon 7D Mark II mounted on my Tamron 150-600mm lens. I love the Tamron for wildlife photography, and on the 7DII I end up with a camera with a lot of reach. I would like a faster aperture than the f/6.3 at 600mm, but you can’t have it all. I have spent the last week looking at a Canon 600mm f/4 lens. Maybe looking a little too much for my wife’s liking. It is a great lens, but I am having trouble justifying the large price tag. I would need a lot more long lens work to come my way to seriously consider buying a new copy. A used one though…

Pre Game Portraits

Before the game started I was having some fun making some portraits of the players. They were very relaxed, and that made it easy for me. I love these little glimpses into the players during the moments when they are not performing. It brings a more human element to the game story.

Sports Posts For Days

By shooting two events Friday I really made sure that I had some content for the next few days. By the time this post goes live I will have already shot a volleyball match on Saturday. A few hours after this post goes live, and I will be shooting Northwestern’s second game in town. With a football game on Thursday this week that pretty much guarantees that I will have a week nearly full with sports posts. Don’t worry I am sure I will find a way to sneak a bird photography post in there somewhere.

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