Let’s Play Football!

Ross Ade Stadium Looking Good

Last night I drove to campus around sunset to see if they had the lights on. With the game one week away I had a hunch that they would be. As I pulled up near the stadium I saw that indeed the lights were on. They were on in the sky as well. I did not stay up very long, but I was able to make a couple of shots that I liked. I am so excited for next Thursday night that I can hardly contain myself. This is a busy weekend, and that is a good thing as it will help make the week go a little faster.

Stitching It All Together

The photo at the top of this post was made up of three separate photos from the drone stitched together. The photo directly above was made by stitching six photos together. With a lot of air traffic last night I did not dare go too high. I stayed fairly low which meant that I did not have as wide of a lens as I would like. The way to fix that is to just plan out a panoramic and execute it. I wish that things were different, and I could fly on gameday next week. I think that it would make for an amazing picture. I will be on the field though which is pretty cool too.

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