The Purdue Basketball Alumni Game

Some Greats From Many Era’s Of Purdue Basketball Meet

Yesterday I started my fall sports season with the Purdue alumni game. This was significant for a couple of reasons one of which I will get into later. The first reason though is that this was an awesome way to start the school year. Being inside of Mackey Arena and photographing some of my favorites from over the years was a fun way to get this thing rolling. Before long I will be very busy so I am taking the time to enjoy these initial assignments that come my way. This one was easy to enjoy.

A New Direction

As I hinted at in the paragraph above I have a new adventure starting this fall. I will be helping the Purdue Sports creative team out much more than in the past. This is the dream job. As I was photographing players that I used to photograph from the stands it really started to dawn on me what is going on. I used to make my photos from my seat right over one of the entry ways. I loved that seat because I never had anyone in front of my to get in my way. That unobstructed view helped me make many pictures that I liked over the years. Now though I have a much cooler seat. This fall I will be at every Purdue home football game, and I will be involved in many of the olympic sports as well. While I am sad that I won’t be able to photograph as many Indiana State games as I did last year I am thrilled to be able to make photos for my alma mater. In case you have been living under a rock the Purdue creative team is amazing. Just to be mentioned near them is pretty cool. This fall cannot come soon enough.

Getting Back Into The Basketball Groove

I heard a few players talk about being rusty. They were talking about their shots, but my basketball photography is a bit rusty as well. The last time that I photographed basketball was in Nashville as the Xavier season came to an end. That trip was a fun one that just didn’t end the way that I wanted it too. The next time that I photograph basketball will be in November so this was really just for fun. By the time that November rolls around I will be complaining that I am rusty again. It was fun to be in Mackey though.

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