Bringing Mackey Arena To A Backyard Near You

You Too Can Play On A Court Similar To Mackey Arena

When I first bought my first drone one of the things that I loved to photograph was the different fields of sport. Early on I had many pictures cataloged with an idea in mind. Every so often I release a few of the photos on the blog showing just how cool these venues look from above. One series of courts that I have wanted to add to my collection are these Purdue themed courts. This is a cool way to get the Purdue name out there on the most basic level. You are playing backyard hoops on a Purdue court. This version is here in Lafayette at Murdock Park. There are at least three other courts like this that I know of. A fun project will be finding all of these to add to the collection.

Back At Mackey For Real

Probably not long after this post goes live I will be inside of Mackey Arena once again. This year I will be working with the Purdue Sports crew a lot more than in the past. This development has me very excited for the upcoming school year. In fact it cannot get here soon enough. I have been working towards this for a long time. I briefly shot for Athletics at the end of 2014, but I was not ready at all for what I was doing. Somehow I ended up doing it, but not at the level that I should have been. This year I cannot wait to help out a department that is really on the rise. They are putting out great content, and just to be a small part of that will be amazing.

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