Courthouse Details

Zooming In To See The Details

A while back while waiting for the moon to rise near the Tippecanoe County Courthouse I used my wait time to make a few pictures. I was keeping my full view of the courthouse in each photo until I made this one. I never have a 600mm lens on the pedestrian bridge so why not zoom in and get the details of this beautiful courthouse? The light was right to make an interesting picture.

Seeing The Big Picture, But Then Going Small

One of the things that I have tried to work on in my photography is to work in on certain photos. I remember a trip to Chicago a few months into this blog where I shot everything at 10mm. That was the widest that my lens would go, and that is what I wanted to show everyone. That is great to start at times, but occasionally it is nice to then work your way closer to your subject. At 10mm you would see any of the detail of this courthouse. Here at 600mm you can. This is a cool way to get a few different shots from one visit to a place.

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