Where The Ocean Meets Ocean City

Flying Above Ocean City

Sometimes part of the fun of traveling somewhere new is to find new ways to photograph the place. This is definitely a new angle for me. During the day this beach is packed with people and there is always something in the air. In the morning though I had my stretch of beach to myself with nothing to interfere with this photo. It is a great way to show just how crazy this place is.

Stitching It All Together

This is a three shot panoramic. I make more panoramic with my drone for some reason. Maybe it is because I cannot change lenses so I need to compensate somehow. Here I wanted to get the boardwalk and the ocean in the picture. A panoramic was the only way to do so without flying way out over the ocean. It also gives me a bigger file with more pixels in it.

Another Round Of Thanks

July was the third highest month for views that this blog has ever seen. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I don’t live and die by the numbers of the blog anymore, but they are a good indicator. In my previous life I was a manager at a company that used SPC. That is basically using data points to determine trends. I always like to see the trends going up. That was definitely the case last month. Of course that isn’t possible without you the reader so thank you very much. Hopefully I can keep some good content on here so that I can reward those who are reading.

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