Birding On Fishtrap Lake

Finding The Backyard Birds Back In LaPorte

I normally have a post every now and then called my backyard birds. This time though I was photographing birds, but in my parents backyard on the lake. With a hummingbird feeder that gets a lot of action setting a remote up and getting a shot at the feeder is no problem. I think that is cheating a bit so after a while I tried for something more. I really wanted to try and capture something a little more unpredictable. Here I was a bit too far away, but it was still fun trying capture a moment with the hummingbird away from the feeder. With an entire lake full of possibilities it is pretty incredible that I was lucky enough to be as close as I was here.

At The Feeder

As I said above if the feeder is being used regularly then it is easy to get shots at the feeder. I set my camera up on a tripod and used my Pocket Wizards to fire it remotely. These are cool shots to get though as you can record a little behavior this way. The hummingbird is so fast that capturing a split second in time allows you to see a little more than you normally would see.

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