Chasing The Blood Moon

Trying To Track Down The Blood Moon

Where I live in the world made it impossible for me to actually see the eclipse yesterday. It happened in the afternoon my time so this time all the fun was had on the other side of the planet. I decided to try and capture the full moon rising with a landmark though. Using The Photographers Ephemeris I found two locations that would do just that. Standing on Slayter Hill I could get the moon rising near the Purdue Bell Tower. I decided that I had already made a version of that picture so I looked for a way to have the moon pass by the Tippecanoe County Courthouse.

When The Plan Doesn’t Go According To Plan

My plan was to shoot the moon rise from the top of a parking garage that I used early on in the days of this blog. When I made it to the top of the garage I realized that the trees really grew in five years. The courthouse was now obstructed. I decided to head down to the pedestrian bridge to make the photo. TPE showed the moon going right behind the courthouse so I was very excited. Just before the moon rose the app changed the location of the moon. I had looked this up earlier in the day so I knew where it would be. As it turns out I should have stayed right where I was. Instead I made a mad dash through weeds to get to a spot next to the pedestrian bridge. Once I made the dash I realized that I made a grave mistake. By moving down further I was changing my angle on the moon. I would see it much later when it was much darker out. I wanted to see it more during blue hour. Sometimes you just have to trust your plan.

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