More Fun With Water Drops

Having Some More Fun With Water

Yesterday as a storm rolled through the dog and my little one wanted to go down to the basement. They both have things to play with down there so I decided to play a little on my own. I decided to try and see what I could add to my water droplet experiment. I had this great idea to have the water yellow with a blue background. An equipment malfunction changed my ideas on the day completely. I ended up going down a path that led me to the photo that you see above which was my favorite from the session. It is amazing just how much fun that you can have with a little water.

Rolling With It

During one of my shots my blue gelled speed light in the back did not fire. I had this cool black background with a little rim lighting. I had the idea to turn the speed light around to see if I could still have the dark background, but with the splash back lit. When I saw that the small over spray of the water lit up the color of my gel I had a great idea. That was now the focus of the shoot. By the time i was done I had five speed lights firing with each hit with three of them gelled. I wanted to see just what I could create in the bokeh. This made the shots pop that much more. That is the fun of this experiment is trying some different things out. Next time out I plan on using one more speed light to bounce a lighter color off of the white board to see if the smaller particles still stand out against it.

The Original Idea

The photo above is what I originally had in mind. I dyed the water yellow, and I bounced a speed light with a blue gel on it off of a white board. I love almost any photo with a combination of these two colors in it. Since I am controlling the colors in this experiment then why not pick the colors that I enjoy? I had everything pinned down to make this photo very early on, but something was still missing. Luckily I found something to spice the shoot up a bit.

The Pluto Valve

I am still not too sure about this Pluto valve. The first one showed up broken. This second one has started to stick in the on position. After writing this original post I went back downstairs to try an bounce a light off of the white board in the back. I had the idea while writing the post so why not implement it? During that run the Pluto valve was either stuck on or off. There was no metered drops coming out of it. It was all or nothing. When this thing works it is amazing. The only problem is it is made so poorly that I don’t know what the expected usage life of it is. I don’t think that it is very long. In fact this may already be the end of it. To turn that negative into a positive though as I was trying to get it to shut off I made some interesting photos. One of them is above. I don’t know when I will be able to monkey around with this thing again. If things go like they did in the afternoon when I was using it I would try many things with it. If they go as badly as the night session did I seriously doubt I mess around with it much more. I am already on my second one, and I don’t know if it is worth the pain.

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