The Outlaw Music Festival

Seeing Willie Nelson And Friends Live

After a long week of travel and vacations we flew into Indianapolis an hour away from our home. We did not make the drive to Indianapolis right away. Instead we stayed in Indy to see Willie Nelson and friends perform live. This was a cool idea to get some great acts together for a long show. At times it reminded me of what I had heard of early in the year in Nashville. The idea of the Opry show on tour. We saw Old Crow Medicine Show, The Head and the Heart, Sturgill Simpson, and of course Willie Nelson. It was a good show, and a great chance to hear some good music. I am a fan of Old Crow Medicine Show, and I think that they stole the show. Everyone else was good, but the energy in the crowd seemed to peak early on with OCMS. For some reason a lot of the crowd around us left before Willie Nelson came onto the stage so his show didn’t have the energy that I would have thought that it would have. I don’t know why you would leave before Willie came onto the stage. He has written many great songs that have become legendary. It was great to hear them live.

The Sun Will Come Out

Just before Sturgill Simpson took the stage the sun made an appearance. It wasn’t out long, but long enough for me to make a couple of panoramas with my iPhone. While we were gone I kept reading that the rain would not stop at home. The sky was cloudy from the minute that we landed, but this one moment that the sun came out drew a huge roar from the crowd.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week to make photos. Every year my week in Ocean City is one where I know where some pictures will come from. I have scouted locations to make sure that I get the shot that I need. The photos that I usually love the most though are the ones that just happen. You can see some of my favorite shots from last week here.

The Photography Curse

I have a problem. I really do. I cannot stop making pictures. Even when I go somewhere to just enjoy the moment I am constantly thinking of where the good photos are. I cannot turn this off. Concerts seem to be the worst place for me with this issue. There is usually a very interesting person on stage with great light all around them. The urge to make photos is strong. For concerts though I am usually only armed with my iPhone and a point and shoot. I still manage to make some interesting photos, but not what I have in my head. Maybe I can find a cure for this disease that is photography, but not just yet. It is too much fun.

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