A Blue Hour Show In Ocean City, Maryland

Finding A Photo During Blue Hour

On our last day in Ocean City, Maryland I had spent most of the day inside with my daughter who had not been feeling well. When the family hit the boardwalk one last time the light was pretty great. I ran down towards the beach with a photo in mind. This town is pretty cool to see in person. I had the idea to show quite a bit of it in one picture.

Stitching It All Together

This photo is a panoramic made from seven portrait oriented photos. The light in the sky was great so I wanted to include a lot of it. I originally had the idea for the panoramic holding my camera horizontally. When I decided to make the photo the way that I did it was much more of a gamble as for some reason the program doesn’t always like it when I stitch portrait oriented photos. I guess it has something to do with the fact that not as much of the foreground is visible. I was glad that this one worked out though. It was one of my last photos of the trip, and one of my favorites.

The Week In Photos

Speaking of my favorite photos from last week I have my Exposure page featuring my favorite photos from last week up here. It was a fun and relaxing week, but some of that relaxing involved making images.

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