A Ross Ade Stadium Sunset

The Sun Sets Over Ross Ade Stadium

Wednesday night I had an idea for a photo. It was one of those ideas that could have been amazing, or it could have been a total bust. With a blog where I need content everyday I needed to hedge my bet a little. I went down to the stadium a little early to make a few photos. The sky was starting to get cloudy again so I thought that maybe the sunset photo would be my only photo on the day. I took the Mavic Air up to make a couple of photos. This was my backup plan, but it ended up being a photo that I was very happy with.

Three Photos Gets It Done

This is a three shot panoramic photo. On the scene I knew that I wanted to get more of the stadium in. I could have backed up the drone, but it would have cluttered up the foreground or included too much sky. I could have cropped that all out, but it would have resulted in a lower quality photo. I decided to make a panoramic photo of the scene in front of me. Three photos stitched together makes for a big file, but a more detailed image.

More Time To Plan

Can you tell that I get a little bored in the summer? Without the next shoot of the college sports season to think about I really wander a bit to start the summer. I don’t know what to do with myself. I usually end up trying to think of cool shoots that I don’t have time for during the year. Last year I was gone so much that when I was in town I really guarded that time and spent it with my family. Now that I am home for long stretches I feel more free to get out and make some images. A new drone helps with that as well.

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