Five Years Of Marriage

How Did This Happen?

Five years ago today I knew what my answer would be. I was shocked that my wife said I do on her end. There are still days where I try and figure out why I got so lucky. In 2013 we decided to get married. Neither of us enjoy the spotlight so we knew that we would elope. We looked for places to do such a thing. At one point the Smoky Mountains looked like the choice. We had a place picked out, but watching the video that was supposed to entice you to get married there all that we noticed were the mosquitoes that were getting swatted. Somehow we ended up picking Columbus, Ohio. We liked the idea that we could show up, get our license, and get married in the same day. We actually planned on getting the license one day and getting married the next. We ended up doing it all in one day because the date was so cool. I liked that the month and date added up to the year. We ended up having a great weekend in Columbus where I actually had the camera put away most of the time. I did make some pictures that weekend though. One of which is above.

Why That Picture Today?

This photo actually has a funny story behind it. There was a haunted house convention happening at the convention center across the street from our hotel. We decided that it was worth a look. I thought that I could find some interesting subjects in the convention. Then we came across this duo. That fake zombie being controlled by someone out of view, and it was super creepy. My first instinct was to punch it. Instead of doing that though I just decided to walk away. The guy in the photo thought I was media or something and started walking towards me. All I wanted to do was to get out of there, but I was pinned in. I did what was natural though and put the camera up to my face. That makes things change for me. That is why I started photographing sports. I would get too keyed up at sporting events. When I photographed them I enjoyed them more, and I was much more calm. Here that did the trick. I made the photo, and then got out of there. My wife stills laughs to this day when the story is brought up. It was a memorable moment from that weekend, and I am not sure why she didn’t get an annulment after seeing me in action.

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