Great Light With The Lafayette Aviators

The Beautiful Light Of Loeb Stadium

As I wrote in my Instagram post last night I am dreading the day when Loeb Stadium is no more. I love the way that the last light of the day kisses this ballpark. The new one will be better in every way, but the high walls will block the sun. I like Purdue’s current field Alexander Field as well, but I still loved shooting at Lambert Field. It was just a better place to make pictures from. There is just something about the light and the dust at Loeb Stadium that translates into great photos.

Getting Out And Shooting

For most of the day Friday I was watching NCAA baseball. I love this weekend of the year. I keep it clear every year to shoot a NCAA Regional. This year for some reason it didn’t work out. Most of the sites were too far away to make it worth my time to shoot. The one region I was willing to take a small loss at was the one Purdue was in, but I couldn’t find a team to hire me. This weekend is my version of March Madness. Watching all of the great baseball happening made me a little crazy. The best way to beat that was to get out and shoot. Making good images always makes me feel better, and the great light of Loeb Stadium was just what the doctor ordered. At the rate they are improving maybe Purdue can host next season and I can shoot for a couple of the teams coming in.

Adding Distractions

I love to add distractions into my photos. At Loeb I think that it is fun to get the larger than life billboards in the photos. It just makes for a photo that you can’t make anywhere else. It is not an exact science, but you can kind of guess an area where plays will be. Then just sit on the play until you get something that you are going for. I think the shot above is one of my favorites from the night because of the people in the background more than the action in the foreground.

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