Have A Coke!

Bottling Works!

An exclamation point can really make all of the difference. At first you could think that this was an old sign touting the effectiveness of using bottles. It could also be a plant where Coca-Cola is bottled. I love old buildings. I love old signage on buildings as well. This one in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia really fit the bill for both of those things. If you mix this product with the one made in Lynchburg, Tennessee then you have perfection.

A Fun Walk Around Town

I don’t know that I made too many great images during my walk around Lynchburg. It is not an easy city to get around. Every way that you turn you are faced with a hill. Not a gentle hill either. It was a good morning workout to get myself ready to cover a football game that night. When I am covering a late game I like to keep myself occupied in the morning. I am not like the athletes who have to conserve what they have for the fight ahead. I can take it somewhat easy while still exploring this new place that I have been brought to. While the walk did not produce any gallery images, it made for a fun stroll to start my first morning in Virginia.


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