Day One Of The MVC Track And Field Championships

A Fun First Day Of The MVC Track And Field Championships

Yesterday I started a three day long adventure in Terre Haute covering the MVC track and field championships. Covering a normal track meet can be demanding. Covering a conference meet where you need a photo of everyone is downright crazy. Luckily I am part of a good team here so it really did not seem all that bad yesterday. As the weekend moves on the emotion will start to crank up as most of these prelims start to turn into finals. That is when the fun begins, and the real images start to happen.

Capturing It All

Part of the fun of the day is not only capturing the action, but also the emotions of the day. I really enjoy capturing peak action. I also love the little moments in between that action. At a track meet that can be hard to do as you are always moving. Sometimes though things work out, and you can wait on a fun moment.

Filling Up My Hard Drive

Yesterday I filed 1,381 pictures to the gallery. That is an amazing amount of images for one day. In all 1,509 images made it to my computer yesterday. If you know my workflow then you know that I only import the images that I tag in camera. If I had to guess I would say that you could easily triple that number and get an estimate of how many images that I made on the day. When you are shooting elite athletes for hours on end the images just seem to keep stacking up. Luckily I had time during the day to keep the gallery updated, and keep on top of the editing. That is the great part about being on a team. You can break away for short periods of time to upload.

Closing Out On A High Note

Last night the last race of the night was also the longest race of the night. It is easy to get distracted during the 10K. The light was interesting though so I kept out on the track to photograph the entire race. I am glad that I did because Akis Medrano ran the race of his life. He was not expected to win, but powered through the hot conditions to take the MVC title. I was happy for him because he is a Sycamore, but I loved the emotion he showed after he won. After a long day of shooting that was a great way to end it.


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