Nashville During Blue Hour

Blue Hour From the Renaissance Hotel Nashville

My first night in Nashville was one where I took it easy. I had gotten the long drive out of the way, and I had shot media day for Xavier. After a good walk to diner I came back to the hotel to photograph the blue hour from my hotel room. The conditions were right so why not get this shot out of the way? This was one of those situations where the scene just seemed to keep getting better and better. I kept making photos well after blue hour was over going back to the window every now and then. This one was by far my favorite photos of the night though. Part of that reason is the layers in the photo. You have selfies in the foreground, the arena where I was working, and then part of the city beyond that.

Like A Kid

There are many times when I am like a kid. One of those though is when I check into a hotel. I always race up to the room to see what my view is. On this trip as I was going up the elevator I was admiring the view of the city on that side of the hotel. As I got off of the elevator I realized that my room was on the other side from that great view. I didn’t know if I had an internal room or not so I got into the room as fast as I could. When I saw that this was my view I was thrilled. Do you ever race into your room to see the view?

The Week In Photos

My time in Nashville was pretty amazing. When NCAA sites were being talked about this was the site that I was rooting for. There was a reason for that. I wanted to explore a bit more than I was able to the last time that I was down there. My week in photos from that time was pretty fun to put together as it was a fun week to be a photographer. You can see my favorite photos from a fun week here on my Exposure site.


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