Little In Name Only

Little Jimmy Dickens Outside Of The Ryman Auditorium

Little Jimmy Dickens picked up his name because of his short stature. He was only 4’11”, but he was a big country star. He was still performing into his 90’s which is something I think we would all like to do. He has his own dressing room at the Ryman which is something reserved for those who have meant a lot to the building. He was a name that I recognized, but didn’t know too much about until that trip to the Ryman in March.

Making Photos of Statues

For some reason I have always liked making photos of statues. They are right there posing for you, and they don’t get tired of you trying to find the right angle. I usually like to add some sort of context to these portraits. Here is was easy. The sign on the Ryman provided all of the context that I needed. This was one of the easiest photos that I made on my Nashville trip.

The Week In Photos

My time in Nashville was pretty amazing. When NCAA sites were being talked about this was the site that I was rooting for. There was a reason for that. I wanted to explore a bit more than I was able to the last time that I was down there. My week in photos from that time was pretty fun to put together as it was a fun week to be a photographer. You can see my favorite photos from a fun week here on my Exposure site.

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