Blue Sky Days At Navy Pier

Hanging Out At Navy Pier On A Blue Sky Day

I usually don’t get to pick the weather when I am in Chicago. We are there for a reason so I have to take what I am given. On one of our last trips there though the weather was amazing. I had a great sunrise to work with while flying my quadcopter, and the sky was great while walking around Navy Pier with my family later in the day. Sometimes you just luck out.

My New Show

I am late to the game here, but just a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across Westworld. The previews did not grab my attention so I never thought of watching it. I decided to give the first episode a try, and I was hooked. I quickly caught up on the first season before the season two premier. I really don’t have the time for a new show, but this one was worth it. What do you think of the show? It is out there, but just grounded enough to make it fun. The first season had enough twists too that it made each episode fun to watch. Not too many filler episodes like it seems the Walking Dead has turned to.

New Site Layout

For the last couple of weeks this blog has had a new layout that I was not entirely happy with. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with it, but just not the time to implement it. Finally after getting frustrated with the newest theme I decided to make the change last night. When you come to the site now you just see my photos. If you are daring enough to read my drivel then you can click on the photo to do just that. The layout focuses on the photos more which is what is the important part. What do you think of the new look?


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