More Spring Snow!

Spring Snow Near West Lafayette

Man I hope that I am done with snow at least until next winter. This year it seems like I went out way too much to capture the last snowfall of the year. At some point it just becomes a pain. This day was a beautiful snow though as it put a nice dusting on all of the landscape to clean up the winter dirt a little. I found this old barn and it seemed to work perfectly with the sky and the snow.

A Little Inspiration

If you have HBO I would highly recommend “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling.” It is a great look into the mind of a creative genius. I draw a lot of inspiration from other photographers, but sometimes just hearing about the creative struggle in other forms of art is kind of nice too. Garry really was someone that I thought was brilliant so it is interesting to hear just how much self doubt that he had. Creatives are an interesting bunch.


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