New Ways To Color Eggs

The Many Ways To Color Eggs

When I was a kid it seemed like there was just one way to color eggs.You put food coloring in with vinegar and water and then did your thing. Now there are so many different ways to do it. We had so many boxes that each promised a different kind of egg. Some were shiny, some were marbled, some looked like they had been rolled through sugar. I wonder what they will think of next year?

Getting Your Hands Dirty

With all of these new ways to color the eggs it seemed like using your hands has increased. The hand washing to get the dye out was extensive, and I don’t even think that really worked. I did like the way the process looked though so I made some shot of my step-daughter using her hands.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you out there. Today is a day to spend with family so I will make this post short. Tomorrow the blog will be back to talking about baseball, but today a more family centric post felt right.

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