Indiana State Comes Up Just Short In Their MVC Opener

Indiana State Falls To Missouri State To Open The MVC Season

Yesterday Indiana State had plenty of chances, but dropped their home MVC opener to Missouri State. Baseball is a game of inches, and it seemed like most of those breaks went to Missouri State to start the conference season. Balls like the one above that just went past the outstretched mitt of the second baseman. Baseball is a funny game, and it proved it again yesterday.

Having Some Fun During a Doubleheader

During a doubleheader you need to keep yourself interested. I started early having a little fun during the game to do just that. Here I played a little game to see if I could freeze the baseball and nothing else in the frame. Once you freeze the ball then you try and get the rotation just right so that you can see the logo. This was a lucky frame here as I accomplished my goal fairly early on.

Focusing In On The Fun

I love these moments with the team celebrating. There are many different ways to capture these moments, and without a photo well I end up being fairly far away for the. The fun and challenge during the season is to capture this moment a little different each time. I really liked how this one turned out.

Off To Catch Another One

Yesterday they played two at Bob Warn Field. The game two recap will be posted tomorrow. As I write this I have another game coming up today as well. It really says something about how crazy I am for baseball that while driving home after photographing 20 innings of it that day I was hoping that today would not get rained out. This is such a fun sport to photograph that I can’t get enough of it.

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