One Last Ride With Xavier

One Last Basketball Game This Season

With the Xavier loss last night I shot what was probably my last basketball game of the year. For the first time in a long time I am actually sad to see basketball season go. I have said it throughout the year, but I had more fun this year than any year that I can remember. I think the big reason why is because I was busy with work during basketball season. For the past couple of seasons I would shoot some games early for pay, and then spend some time just shooting at the local school for fun. That is fun, but the kick is just not there. When you are not shooting for any particular reason it is hard to justify doing so. I would usually take a long break around winter break just to recharge my batteries. This year though a couple of schools let me help them out, and it made all the difference in the world. Having a couple of schools believe in me gave me a purpose during basketball season. Instead of making photos that nobody would see I was having fun putting stories together. I am actually looking forward to next season now.

The Story Of The Day

Being a travel day I was kicked out of my hotel fairly early in the day. I watched Purdue get their win from the lobby of my hotel, and then made my way over to the stadium. With time on my hands I followed the Xavier managers as they put the locker room together long before the team would arrive. The managers put in a lot of work, and they don’t get the credit that they deserve. A few photos isn’t very much, but it is something I can do to pay them back just a little.

The Emotion Of March

Man shooting basketball in March is fun! The emotion is cranked up to a level not seen during the regular season. I would have liked this journey to keep on going to Los Angeles just to see how much more it went up then. March is a fun time to shoot, but the emotion comes out because of the nature of the month. One bad game or set of plays and your season is over. Living on the edge is fun to shoot, but it can be over at any time.

The Week In Photos

This was another really fun week to shoot. A cool town with a lot to see coupled with two days of great tournament action makes for good photos. Now the switch to baseball is about to happen. You can see my fun week of travel and basketball on my Exposure page here.


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