Nashville In Blue and Gold

Nashville Shines During the Blue Hour

Every morning that I was in Nashville I set my alarm to make a picture of the view out of my hotel room. On my first night here I made a blue hour picture that I thought was pretty cool. That is until I saw this scene Saturday morning. I nearly overslept, but I woke up just in time to make this photo. This was the first photo that I made, and it was the best one that I made. This town is so cool for so many reasons, but the way that it looks in good light is a huge plus.

Working A Scene

As I said I made many pictures out of my hotel window while in Nashville. I kept shooting and shooting when I thought the light was right. I made some images that I liked, but it wasn’t until I made this that I knew that I had made the picture. I still think that I could do better, but time and conditions were not on my side.