Nevada Heads To The Sweet Sixteen

Nevada Storms Back Against Cincinnati To Move On In The NCAA Tournament

Before my game Sunday I went out and made a few photos of the game prior between Nevada and Cincinnati. To be honest I went back to the media room twelve minutes into the game to get my stuff ready and chill out because it wasn’t even a game. Late in the second half though I found myself back out on the court because it was such a good game. At the end Nevada finished off the big comeback to move on in the tournament. It was a heck of a game that I was glad to see in person.

Two Photos Tell A Story

Sports can be amazing, but they can also be cruel. The two photos above of Cincinnati guard Justin Jenifer tell that story. The first was made just before I made my exit in the first half. Cincinnati was rolling, and it didn’t look like Nevada could stop them. Justin was heading to the bench for the media timeout all smiles. He was a fun player to photograph as he always had some jubilation going. That is until the game was over. I made the bottom photo as Justin was walking off of the court after his team lost late in the game. From joy to despair in just an hour.

Wrapping Up The Season

This is likely my last game post of this season. Unless something amazing happens and I end up at the Final Four for either the men or the women I am done for the year. As I have said before this was an amazing season to cover basketball for me. I had a purpose which really did seem to make all of the difference. I am normally very ready to move on from basketball, but this year I was sad that it was over so soon. You can view some of my last basketball photos of the season along with some of my travel photography from last week here on my Exposure page. I am sure once things settle down a bit for me that I will come up with a couple more ‘best of’ posts from this basketball season. Until then though it is time to move on to some baseball.


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