Beautiful Nashville At Night

Nashville Shines Under the Lights

My trip to Nashville in 2016 was a special one. I shot a great baseball tournament that weekend, but it was the relationships that were made at the time that really made it a great weekend. I had already shot for Washington in the Women’s Final Four a few months before this trip. I was able to shoot for them again that weekend. I also shot for Xavier for the first time. Since that time I have had some really cool experiences with Xavier that would be hard to fill if I had not met them. It is that relationship with Xavier that will get me back to Nashville this weekend as they start their March Madness run there.

An Awesome Night

The night that I made this picture should have been a bad night in many ways. The tournament that I was photographing was cancelled due to bad weather. Instead of moping about it and heading back to the hotel I went downtown to make some pictures. The fast, low clouds were perfect that night to showcase this awesome town. I think that when you travel you have to make the most out of what you are given. Every night will not always be a perfect night. Sometimes the worst weather of the trip makes for the best photos.


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