Saying Goodbye To The House On Pawnee

Saying Goodbye To The Childhood Home

If all goes according to plan today then the house that I knew for over thirty years in LaPorte will not be a part of our family tomorrow.  I have always been someone who likes the past. I love history, and my family history is fun as well. That is what makes a day like tomorrow so hard. I can look around that yard and see moments everywhere. Looking at this picture now I see the basketball pad just off of the pool area. That thing was amazing when it was built, and I put up thousands of shots on it. It is a sad day for our family, but a happy day for a family that is just starting their journey. It seems like just yesterday that I started riding my bike around this new neighborhood looking for new friends to make. The journey since then has been amazing. I made lifelong friends there, and had countless great moments with those kids. The best sporting events that I have ever been to were the ‘championship’ football and basketball games that we would play. Looking back it is hard to believe how long ago those games really were. I still think of the smells from the cherries falling off of the trees in the fall when I hear Whitesnake sing “Here I Go Again.” Many clothes were ruined playing football in the fall.

Getting Rid Of The ‘Stuff’

George Carlin had a great bit on stuff. I have always been someone who likes stuff. I don’t have a lot of expensive stuff, but the stuff that I have is mine. Part of this process of my parents moving has been me going through my stuff. The stuff that was important to me back then is not as important to me now. All of the stuff that I collected through my life is a lot like this house. I talk about the memories that were made there, but at the end of the day the house is just stuff. It is too big for my parents now that my brother and I are finally gone for good. A new family can bring their stuff to it now, and everything can start over. This was a great home to raise a family in. It will be a great place for a new family to do the same. One last thing before I go. Does anyone have any extra room for me to store all of my stuff?


2 Replies to “Saying Goodbye To The House On Pawnee”

  1. Love the pic but especially the write up. Always said that you should be a writer.

    Whoever was the landscaper really knew what they were doing. Look at all the nice curves and the symmetry of the planting’s. Wow! They were good!

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