Indiana State Baseball Wins Their Home Opener

Indiana State Beats Western Illinois To Start Their 2018 Home Season

Yesterday Indiana State used a hot start to defeat Western Illinois. The final score was 5-4, but several interesting calls by the third base umpire seemed to make the game closer than it should have been. I don’t like to blame officials for losses, and ISU won so I am not doing that here. A couple of calls that in my viewfinder looked like no-brainers were called the other way.

Finally Back Photographing Baseball!

It has been nearly three months since I photographed my last baseball game. Before that game it was another three months since the previous game. Six months and only one game is not nearly enough for me. I love photographing baseball. I think baseball and football would be 1A and 1B for me. It was great to get out and photograph some baseball early this year. The weather seemed to decide it was time for baseball as well as it was a very nice early March day.

Having Some Fun With Multi-Exposures

Usually when I talk about multi-exposures I am using it to show motion in a sport. I try and capture the mechanics of the sport in three or more frames. Yesterday I did something with the multi-exposure function that I don’t do often. I blended a couple of photos together. Before the game started and I had a little time I made some photos of the Indiana State logo behind the plate. Later in the game I layered another photo into that photo to get what you see above. It provides something a little different to the gallery, and is fun to make. I will have to try this a little more to get it down to something that I really like.

My Usual Multi-Exposure

This is usually how I use the multi-exposure feature on my camera. I normally would not have pulled this trick out of the bag so early in the season, but the light and the uniforms were right for it. The dark background with the white jerseys lit up usually works very well so I figured why not try it. I already had photos of this pitcher from the inning before so I could have a little fun.

Using The Tamron 150-600mm Lens

I took my Tamron 150-600mm lens mounted on my Canon 7D Mark II to the game to use during pregame to get some tight action shots. On the crop frame body the lens basically becomes a 240mm-960mm lens. I used it pregame and ran up to the press box to see how it did. I liked the results enough to give it a shot for the first part of the game as well. That went well enough that I just kept using it for the entire game. Obviously it was a nice sunny day so the f/6.3 aperture really did not come into play. My 400mm lens will get a lot of use this baseball season. For now though the Tamron is a way for me to get a little closer to the game.

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