Rogers Hornsby Gets One Last At Bat

The Rogers Hornsby Statue at Busch Stadium

I love the way that the Cardinals have honored their past outside of the stadium. You don’t need to buy a ticket to see the history of the team. The statues outside of the stadium have been on the blog before so I didn’t want to repeat too much of what I shot a couple of years ago. I did like this photo though so I wanted to include it on the blog.

Getting It Right

The Cardinals really have gotten it right when it comes to their past. They have the great museum that is not too much to walk through. Just walking through the museum really brings back memories from my childhood. They have the great statues outside of the park that lets you visit your heroes whenever you want to even if it is the offseason. My White Sox have tried to bring the statue game up to date, but they are all in the park. You have to pay to see them. The old Hall of Fame disappeared in 2006 never to resurface again. Part of getting youth into the game is having their family walk them through the past. My dad did that for me letting me know about names like Minoso, Fox, Appling, Pierce, and others. I want to do the same showing my daughter players like Fisk, Baines, Konerko, and Buehrle. I hope that eventually the Sox get it together and make something like this happen.


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