Xavier Women’s Basketball In The Big East Tournament

The Xavier Women’s Basketball Season Concludes in the Big East Tournament

Saturday night my stretch of four games in three days in three cities came to a close with the Xavier women’s basketball game against Seton Hall in the Big East Tournament. Earlier in the season my first on court basketball action was the Xavier women’s scrimmage at Musketeer Madness. My last shoot of 2017 was the Xavier women’s game at Butler. As I have said before if my basketball season ended in Chicago on Saturday it would be a good bookend to the season. The two teams I started with for 2017-2018 were the two teams that I ended it with.

4 Games, 3 Days, 2 States, 1 Great Time

As I said above this game was part of the conclusion of a crazy weekend for me. It started Thursday with the Indiana State women’s game at Southern Illinois. After that game I drove into St. Louis to get prepared for Arch Madness. That day I shot my game for Indiana State along with parts of a couple of other games for fun. When Indiana State lost the game it meant that I would have to drive to Chicago to cover a Xavier doubleheader. That was a fun day first covering the Musketeer men clinching the outright Big East title. Then at the same venue preparations began for the start of the Big East Women’s basketball tournament. I shot part of the very exciting Butler comeback, overtime win over Providence. Then the final game of the weekend came around with this last game of the year for Xavier. As I walked out of the stadium I realized that I really had no clue where I was at the time. The entire weekend seemed like a huge blur. It was a fun blur though that resulted in some images that I really liked.

The Week In Photos

As I said above last week was very rewarding for me. I usually don’t get too much into basketball season. I think that I feel that way because I used to shoot a lot just to shoot. This year I did that far less, and it felt great. Since the start of 2018 I only shot one game for fun, and that was a Purdue men’s game. They were super fun to watch this year so that is just a very cool privilege to do that. When I shoot those games though my images don’t really mean anything. They don’t get looked at, and at the end of the day I feel a little weird even being there if I am not shooting for anyone. With teams that enjoy my images though it really gets the creative juices flowing, and it is far more fun for me. Last week was an absolute blast, and I hope that my weekly collection of my favorite images shows that. You can view my favorite images from last week by clicking here.


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