Six Great Years

“My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.” – Winston Churchill

Six Years Ago Today

These are the posts that are easy to write. Six years ago today I was walking into the Lafayette Brewing Company when I held the door for a woman who was walking in from the other direction. That woman is now my wife. Six years later I still can’t understand why she agreed to see me again after that night. For some reason she did, and we are still going strong. I usually write these blog posts the night before and set them to post the next day. The time I chose to do that is 9:27 because that is her birthday. It is amazing just how much my life has changed in the short time since I held the door for her. You never know when that thing that will change your life will happen to you.

About The Photo

I made this photo as we were walking across the street after celebrating our anniversary. I always love this view of Lafayette down Main Street so I usually bring my camera when we go out to eat. I made this photo shortly before picking up the 11-24mm lens. Of course the 17-40mm lens that I made this with has gotten very little use since that time. It was a good lens for me, but now it just sits in my closet unless I need a remote set up.


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