If Looks Could Kill

Sometimes I put a personal post up here on the blog. This was a photo that I made this past weekend that really shows what I should be shooting more of. Sunday I had a shoot where my daughter could attend. A birthday party that she was invited to was the perfect way to mix work and play. We had some fun together and both kids actually made some photos at the party. It was not my normal weekend of shooting, but it was a fun one. Here though you can see how much my daughter likes to hit me with the ball. She was having a little too much fun aiming at the photographer.

An Interesting Pair

This photo was made with my 1DX and my 24-70mm lens. I don’t often pair those two together. The 1DX usually is mounted on my 400mm or in the winter my 70-200mm lens. Knowing the conditions I was going into Sunday I decided to put this pair together in order to get the best results. In the end the pair worked very well together making me think that I need to try it out during a basketball game this week.

The Week In Photos

Last week was an interesting week. I had my mid week basketball shoot, but then no sports were in any town that I shoot in over the weekend. I did shoot every day of the week though which is good. Something from each day made it into the week in photos which is rare. This coming week is already looking to be a very basketball heavy post. I have three games with a possible fourth during the coming week. I need to make some time for the photos like the one above as well this week. You can see my weekly collection of my favorite photos by clicking here.


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