A Fresh Blanket

A Fresh Blanket of Snow Covers West Lafayette

The other morning while taking the kids to school I noticed the sun busting through the trees with the fresh snow on them. I knew that it would make for a good picture, but I only have so much time to get two kids to two different schools. I finished my tasks and headed home. It was when I was home shoveling the drive that I realized that the sun had come up enough for us to see it at our house. The trees looked beautiful at the time so I ran in to get the camera to make a picture. I am glad that I did as it was an awesome morning.

Stopping Yard Work For a Photo

This is not the first time on the blog that I talk about stopping what I am doing in the yard to make a photo. Here after a few days of everything looking dreary again the sight of the snow on the limbs of the tree lit by the sun was too good a chance to pass up. Part of me stopping has to do with my love of photography. The other part is probably the fact that I do not like yard work. A chance to break it up with a photo is the perfect opportunity.


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