Indiana State Travels To Valparaiso

The Sycamores Travel To The Athletics Recreation Center For A Mid Week Contest

Last night I was back in the Athletics Recreation Center in a different capacity than in years past. I was there to photograph the Indiana State Sycamores in a MVC mid week game. This was one of those games that it seemed like nobody wanted to win. There was a lot of action, but little scoring at times. Then huge spurts of scoring that were even more frenetic. In the end Valparaiso ended up with the win evening their season series up.

Back At The ARC

I have seen many games in the ARC. From the days of Valpo being in the Mid Continental Conference to their matchups with Butler in the Horizon League. It was cool to be there to see them play a MVC game last night. This was the first time that I was there rooting against the Crusaders, but that seems to happen a lot lately. I have to have my team that I am shooting do well for the full gallery to come together. This was also the first time that I visited the ARC when I didn’t get a frozen custard. Times really are changing.

Shooting In The Dark

I don’t remember the ARC being as dark as it was last night. The light really seemed to be off to me. If a player shot from the corner they were probably a stop and a half darker than someone in the center of the court. It was probably a half stop difference from the free throw line to directly under the scoreboard. All of that can be dealt with. When the lights are cycling on top of everything then it makes it even harder to shoot. My overall take was less than normal last night because of some of those factors, but I did manage to make some photos that I really liked as well. I may have cursed the conditions early on, but then you just have to shoot and make the best of it. Someday everyone will switch to LED lighting.

A Great Month

Last month was the best that this blog has ever done in January by a long shot. It wasn’t even close. I don’t live and die by these numbers, but I do use them as an indicator of how things are going. This year is a big year for my business. I have really put the fate of it in how this year goes. Last year I had some lean patches where I started taking work for far less than I normally would. I shot some baseball games very cheap. I have decided that this year I won’t do that. If that means that this little experiment has to end because of it then so be it. Starting the year off well was a good way to make sure that I am still shooting sports next year. I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know that I appreciate the support. It means a lot to me.


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