Indiana State Women’s Basketball Takes On Miami

Indiana State Plays Another Tough Game Against A Good Opponent

This Indiana State team has been really fun to watch so far this year. The record does not show it, but they come to play every night. Right now they are in a long stretch without their best player, and they are keeping games tight that probably should not be on paper. I really enjoy photographing this team, and look forward to seeing them start the MVC season soon.

Keeping It Simple

Sometimes I think that it is easier to keep it simple at a game. I brought more gear with me, but I chose to just use two cameras and my 70-200mm and my 24-70mm lens for the game.

Fun Before the Game

Part of the fun before the game is trying to find the little moments. Here Sycamore Sam is hanging out before the team runs out of the tunnel. These little candid shots are what make the games fun to cover.

Back Where I Started

When I really started watching women’s college basketball in 2005 I had season tickets for two teams. One of them was of course Purdue, and the other was Notre Dame. At the time the star at Purdue was Katie Gearlds. The star at Notre Dame was Megan Duffy. They were both very fun players to watch, and they taught me how much fun the women’s game could be. Katie is now the coach at Marion here in Indiana and she has had a very successful run of late. Megan is just starting her head coaching career at Miami (OH). It has been fun watching these two transition from players to coaches.

More Photos From The Game

You can see my full gallery from the game here. I stayed fairly tight on the action for most of the game as it was a winter break game. Overall I feel that I had a good game. I really did not like my gallery from the Purdue game earlier in the week so it was good to get back out and get a good game under my belt.


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