The Washington Park Festival Of Lights

Driving Through the Washington Park Festival of Lights

Sometimes you get surprised by how cool something is. That happened last night. We were going to go out to dinner and my parents suggested going to see the light display by the lake. I was a little suspect of how cool it could be, but with the little one with us I went along with the plan. Of course the little one passed out about two minutes out from the lights so she never saw them. I quickly loved it and made many pictures. I even made a second pass through to get a different angle on a couple of the displays. We then went to dinner where the little one woke up, and then we made another trip just down the road to see the lights. She loved them as I knew she would.

The Best Time to Photograph Christmas Lights

This was not the best time to make photos of the Christmas lights. You really want to make your photos during the blue hour just after the sun sets. The light is much more even at that time which makes for a much better exposure. Had I known that we were going to make that trip I would have left much earlier to photograph the sunset at the lighthouse, and then make the trip through the lights. As you can see in the photo above the first photo I made had a very cool sky above it. The light display then turned away from the good light, and by the time we made our way back around the sky was black. A blue sky makes for a great background for the lights.

More Photos From the Night

I haven’t dumped a bunch of photos on here in a while. That was so much fun though that I thought I would share all of the photos from the night. They are a little small, but if you click on each photo it will open up much larger for you.


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