A Snowy Owl In Indiana?

Snow Owls Come To Indiana

A couple of weeks ago I saw some photos by Indy Star photographer Matt Kryger of a Snowy Owl near Indianapolis. If you don’t follow Matt on social media then you need to. He is an amazing photographer no matter what he shoots. His photo really made me want to go out and find a snowy owl. I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to see if I could find one near me. The owl that Matt photographed is near Indy, but an hour and a half away. I was convinced that one had to be near me near the windmills. I made a few drives up that way with no luck. Then I made the change across Highway 43 towards battleground. That is where I found this owl, and my change in luck.

Taking It Slow

When I turned down this country road it really looked like a white owl on the fencepost. I made the shot directly above here thinking that if it flew away that I had something. I liked the photo, but I wanted to get a bit closer. I watched the owl for a while and then saw that it did not respond poorly to cars driving by it. It had moved to a higher perch at this point, but still close enough to the road for me to get a shot. I drove past the owl and then angled my car and photographed back at it to get the shot that leads off this post. After making a few pictures I just sat and watched the owl for a while. It really is a beautiful bird, and it was fun to just be near it for a while.

One Last Photo

The owl really might have had enough of looking at me as it took off and flew low over the ground for a while. These birds really are amazing to watch as they fly. I was hoping that it was hunting, but it did not come away with any prey. It then landed across the road from me on a concrete fence post. I made this final photo before moving on. I would have liked to have gotten some photos of the owl in flight, but it was always flying away from me. Maybe with some time on my side one day I can photograph it coming towards me as that would be an awesome experience.


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