Indiana State Defeats Indianapolis

Indiana State Comes Back Late For the Win

The second game of my Saturday doubleheader was the Indiana State game against Indianapolis. Early on in the game it seemed like Indy could not miss. They hit everything that they took from behind the arc. That may be exaggerating, but it really seems like how it was. At one point near the middle of the second half they even appeared to be started to pull away. Coach Lansing must have had some good words for his troops in the huddle because they came out storming to take the lead back and eventually win the game. Once again Barnes and Scott were the leading scorers, but many Sycamores contributed to the win. Keys I felt was big early in the game. He kept it close with some great plays. He is having a season like Barnes did last year so far. You can see the promise already. I can’t wait to see a mature Keys and Barnes playing together. I think we will be in for some fun when that happens.

Honoring Coach Klueh

Before the game former Sycamore player and coach Duane Klueh was honored. He presented the game ball while his list of accomplishments were read. Coach Lansing then gave him some time in the locker room for a pre game speech. Indiana State only has two men in the rafters, and it was fun to finally meet one of them. I like this shot of two great basketball minds in the locker room prior to the game.

Going Long

Just like during the women’s game that I talked about yesterday I used my 300mm lens to get some downcourt action. It gives my gallery a different look that is much needed at some point. You can continue to make the same basketball pictures all year or change some things up. Your seating is always going to be the same for the most part. Changing up your gear forces you into making different pictures.

Into the Locker Room

I don’t go into the locker room very often. I feel that it could be a distraction. On special occasions though I find myself in there. I wanted to see Coach Kleuh talk to the team. While I waited though I made this picture of Coach Lansing addressing his team. I love the way the light was working for me here. This ended up being one of my favorite photos from the day.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week. I had some great sports shoots, some fun shoots outside of that as well as the Christmas holiday photos that come this time of the year. This weeks edition of the week in photos took a little longer to put together, but it was worth it. Here is my weekly Exposure page of my favorite images.


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