Sunrise at the Ferris Wheel

One Last Photo

When we head to Ocean City each year I try and get to the pier at least once for a sunrise. I have made enough pictures here that I really don’t ever need to go back, but I love sitting on the beach watching the sun come up. While I am there I might as well make a few photos. This year I walked back across the main parking lot instead of back down the beach. I wanted to see what the ferris wheel looked like. It was silhouetted nicely so I made the photo above. Sometimes you do see something new on a trip you have made many times.

The Vacation Lens

My 24-105mm lens is one that I used for a few years now on vacation. I love the range and how compact it is. I bought the lens in time for our Ocean City trip a couple of years ago, and I have enjoyed using it. It has now been retired as I have picked up the version II of the lens. It is still looking for a good home if you want a great lens for most occasions. It made the photo above as well as many others over the course of the last few years. Just looking through what I have as keepers in Lightroom over the course of the last three years I have made over 33,000 photos with it. It is also responsible for images that have been in nearly 400 posts on this blog. That is pretty amazing. Maybe I overshoot on vacations.


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