Top 17 Soccer Photos Of The 2017 Season

My Favorite 17 Soccer Photos From the 2017 Season

This was a crazy year as far as soccer goes for me. I really did not photograph a lot of soccer even though teams around me were having good seasons. I have photographed the Purdue alumni game with my niece playing for the last several years, but another job got in the way this year so I didn’t even photograph that. It seems like this soccer post is spent each year saying that I need to photograph more of it. It is a sport that I really enjoy photographing, but the demand just isn’t there. Next year I need to make sure the demand is there. Here are my favorite 17 images from this past soccer season.

17. This season started off on a high note as Purdue went up to Notre Dame and beat them in a friendly. After the game was over two of the freshman had a great moment that I was lucky to be near. You don’t expect that kind of emotion after an exhibition game, but I was happy to photograph it. These two would help Purdue have the best season since I have been around, and this was just the beginning of that.

16. The first men’s game that I covered this year was the Xavier exhibition game at Indiana. Sometimes you capture a moment that has nothing to do with your team. This one was a moment that could have been a Xavier moment, but quickly went the way of IU. It was a header shot that I liked so it made the countdown.

15. This year I only covered a couple of Indiana State soccer games. The lone game at Indiana State was the home opener against UIC. This was one moment from that game that I liked. I like that it is not the normal soccer photo. The gesture is a little different which always seems to catch my eye.

14. One thing that is fun is to make photos that look like they are from another sport. Here the ISU player looks like they are sliding into a base. It is great form, and caught my eye right away.

13. This is a photo with a lot going on in it. You have the Xavier player trying to kick the ball over the goalie who has fallen over his own player. You are left to wonder if the player scored or not. 

12. The college soccer field is usually great for sunsets. They are usually not built up too high allowing for a great view all around. Here in my lone game in Bloomington I was able to capture a nice sunset. My 11-24mm lens was a new one at the time so of course it came out of the bag to make the photo. The action did not come close enough to me at the time or this photo would have been a bit higher.

11. Speaking of close action this shot from the Big East semi final game was one that I really liked. You have a lot going on, and the ball at the peak of it all. When I saw this in the back of my camera I knew that it would be one of my favorites from the match. On a night when I made some pictures that I really liked this was my favorite action shot of the night.

10. Some players just carry the ball with style. When you find one that does you make your images for the gallery when they have the ball. I love this shot for the form. I was not exactly working with the light at the moment, but the photo is about more than the light.

9. The #9 photo in the countdown is a redemption photo of sorts. After a half of play nobody could score in the Big East tournament semi final game. When Xavier did score I was screened during the goal, and the celebration went behind the net where I couldn’t get it no matter how fast I ran. I really thought at that point that it would be a one point game, and that I blew that chance for photos. I positioned myself next to the Xavier videographer that travels with the team thinking they would run to him. They did not. Shortly after that goal they scored again and Xavier ran right at the videographer as well as me. I made some nice photos as they enjoyed the moment. This was my favorite of those photos.

8. When I was in Cincinnati for a few days for Xavier I thought that I might get more soccer in. The swim meet I was covering started an hour later making it hard to really cover both events. I walked into the soccer game just in time to see the deciding goal scored. That goal sent the women’s team to their first Big East tournament game in school history. It was a lucky moment that I was happy to capture.

7. Over the course of her career I made quite a few photos of Maddy Williams. She was an exciting player to watch. I came up with the Maddy rule that meant that I would not miss the beginning of either half of play. She seemed to have a knack for scoring in the first couple minutes of a half. Here I really like this celebration photo after scoring a goal against Notre Dame during their friendly to start the season.

6. This is a photo that I have wanted to make on the Purdue side for a while. Of course when my position was finally correct it was not a Purdue player in the frame. I was still happy to make it, and maybe next year I can get this with a Purdue player in position.

5. There is some action in this photo, but it is more of a landscape photo than anything else. Folk Field seems to have the best sunsets of any stadium that I shoot in. I went to this game because the clouds were perfect for a great sunset about an hour before the game started. Of course they moved out quickly, but I still like how this photo turned out.

4. No more action photos. Action photos are a dime a dozen. The photos that I always like the most are the photos with pure emotion. Here is a great moment between teammates after Xavier pulled off the upset in Indy to advance to the Big East Tournament finals. The joy here is fantastic, and why I keep doing this.

3.  Shortly before making the photo above I made this photo of Xavier in absolute euphoria after upsetting Butler with penalty kicks. This is a great moment that was a great way to cap my season. The problem with shooting a game this good is that you don’t want the season to end. All good things must though.

2. I like this photo for a couple of reasons. One is that it is really good emotion. The second is that it represents a lot for Purdue. The senior coming back for her final year celebrates with the freshman who scored her first goal in a Purdue uniform. This is the past and future now for Purdue soccer. The best ever in many statistical categories with a freshmen who could challenge some of that.

  1. This was just a great moment during the season opener for Indiana State. They just took the lead on a goal from a player who usually doesn’t score for them. The emotion on both sides here is great. You have absolute joy along with the agony of defeat. Soccer celebrations are the best, and when it is a good one you really have full access to the players. You have no caps or helmets to deal with. You get the full face to see all of the joy.



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