2017 NCAA Cross Country National Championships

Photographing the Best of the Best in Cross Country

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the NCAA Cross Country National Championships for the second straight year. In a way I was shooting for the same person but in a different capacity. Last year I made images for Tyler at Indiana State. They were hosting the event, and my images were not really specific to any team. This year I was shooting the same Tyler, but now he is Tyler at Ole Miss. My images were very specific to his team as well as a couple of other teams. I liked this assignment much better as it was something to key on and help drive me to make images.

Louisville is NCAA Country

The last three times that I have visited Louisville was with NCAA games on my schedule. In 2015 it was for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. This past spring it was for the NCAA baseball tournament, and of course the cross country national championships this past weekend. When I am photographing these events I really don’t have much of a chance to explore the city. Someday I need to just go down there and walk around. It has changed a lot since I last visited as a tourist.

Shooting For Ole Miss

As I said above I have developed a great relationship with Tyler Wooten over the last couple of years. I was sad to see him head off to Ole Miss, but that was a big step for him, and I was also happy for him. He had two teams in my area that day, and I was glad to be able to work for him once again. When he left I knew our paths would cross again, but I was just not sure it would be so soon.

Shooting For Xavier

Another great set of teams that I have been shooting for lately is Xavier. Doing what I do for a living you can’t always afford to be picky. I have lucked out that I can be a bit picky about who I work for. Everyone that I have come into contact with at Xavier has been great. I am so glad that we found each other a couple of years ago for a great weekend in Nashville. I look forward to photographing them much more as the years go on.

Shooting For Indiana

The one new client that I picked up this weekend was Indiana. As a favor last week I made some images of their girl finishing first in Terre Haute. This week I picked up a little extra work photographing their runners in Louisville. I took a little heat in my DM’s for shooting for Indiana on the way home Saturday, but at some point I can’t turn people down just because my followers don’t like them. In some capacity I have now shot for every Big Ten team which is pretty cool. Once again the SID’s that I have come into contact with this year have been great so why not shoot for them?

The Week In Photos

Last week was sort of an off week for me as far as what I can post here. Some days I shoot some really cool stuff, but it never ends up here. That is too bad. I did have a couple of good sports shoots though. It was going to take a gargantuan effort to top last week. I really had fun there, and I think that it showed in the work. This week is another weird week for shooting. I usually work a lot right around Thanksgiving, and this year I don’t think it will be any different. I have cleared out Saturday though to be at the bucket game. I have missed a lot this year, but I won’t miss that. You can view my favorite photos from last week here.


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