Perched At Sunset

The Sun Sets Over Assateague Bay

Part of the fun of the new condo that we have rented in Ocean City, Maryland the last two years is the fact that we have a decent view over Assateague Bay. It allows for me to hang out with family and still make some interesting photos as the light starts to get good. Here I just walked over to the edge of the deck to make this image. It almost seems unfair that it is that easy, but it is. The cross at the top of the St. Mary Star of the Sea church makes the foreground interesting, and the background just slowly melts away. A stiff breeze also allows the flags to stand out a bit as well. This view shows up on the blog quite a bit, but I feel that it looks different every sunset so why not show it off a little? Maybe next year we can get a room a little higher up so that more of the bay is visible.

The Flagship Run of the Canon 100-400mm Lens

This trip was the first time that I was able to use my Canon 100-400mm lens. I ordered it just before the trip with the trip in mind. I received a bad copy so I received the lens just in time to go. The first time that I put it on one of my lenses was on this deck to make the photo above. It is a good lens that definitely has its place. When you don’t need a fast aperture it can really save the day in terms of range of focal length and size. It is a Canon L series piece of glass as well which is always a good thing.


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