Banner Day For Indiana State At Indiana

Indiana State Goes To Bloomington and Shocks the Hoosiers

Friday was a busy day for me. I got up early and made my way down to Terre Haute to photograph the NCAA Cross Country Great Lakes Regional. I had just enough time to edit after that was over before we were to leave for Bloomington. It was a great way to open up the season with two Indiana teams facing each other. From the very beginning of the game Indiana State took control. In these games where one team is the underdog you always brace yourself for the run by the other team. That run never came. In fact until the game was completely out of hand and the bench players were in the Sycamores kept increasing their lead. It was a game that will be remembered in Terre Haute for a very long time.

Jordan and Scott

As a kid I always loved watching the Bulls teams with Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan on them. Now I get to see Indiana State with Jordan Barnes and Brenton Scott working to get this team to a higher level. Scott is a known commodity. He is a guy who can change a game with his ability. Except for a select few I think a lot of people were sleeping on Jordan Barnes. Last year in the MVC Tournament things did not go according to plan for the Sycamores. One thing that I knew walking away from the Scottrade Center though was how tough Barnes was going to be. You could see the team become his that day. I can’t wait to watch him grow as a player.

Seeing Assembly Hall Again

At one time I really thought that nothing could compare to Assembly Hall as a basketball arena. It has really undergone some changes since then, but it is still a unique place to watch basketball. My allergies kicked in from all of the dusty banners, but other than that the arena is fine. It was interesting how they treat the opposing photographer there, but I made the best out of what I was given. In fact the seat that I made for myself actually helped my make several of my favorite photographs from the game. I don’t shoot here much, but it is always an adventure when I do.

What Does This All Mean?

I have spent some time since the game trying to figure out what I can take from one game. Is Indiana State just that good this year? I have liked this team from the first time I saw them in Mackey Arena. You could see some new pieces that really seem to fit, and more importantly they make the whole better. Can this team make some noise this year in the MVC? I would like to think so. I love St. Louis, and I would like nothing more than to spend several days there in early March. Is Indiana that bad? I can’t imagine a school like IU with all of the resources and history being this bad. It just does not make sense. I think the most that I can take from the game is that it was one game. Indiana State will take on Auburn this week on a neutral floor, and I might start to get a better idea of what the team in made of when that tournament is over. Either way I am excited to see them take the floor in the Hulman Center in just over a week.

The Week In Photos

I am not going to lie. Last week was one of my favorite collections of photos from the end of the week. From the fall color to some great games that I was able to shoot. I love being busy if not slightly swamped, and last week was just that for me. You can take a look back at some of my favorite photos from a fun week here.


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